Somnus is a student project made by game students at DigiPen Institute of Technology. In Somnus you play Melanie, a young shutterbug who wakes up in the middle of the night to find her two favorite stuffed animals have ventured into a mysterious dreamscape in her wardrobe. As Melanie you must help your stuffed companions make their way through the world using your magical camera to solve unique perspective illusions.

Somnus is “a College Game Competition Finalist” in E3 2016 and awarded “The Most Innovative Game Design” in Digipen Game Awards 2016.

General Info

Genre Puzzle Platformer
Target Platform Windows 7, 8, 10
Publication Date April 24, 2016
Development Period May 2015 ~ April 2016 (1 year)
# Devs 12
Engine Unreal Engine 4

The Team

Our team includes students working towards degrees in computer science, digital arts, sound design, and game design. The team started with as small as two people, but more people gathered to create a game that is geared with unique mechanics and beautiful art and music. The team has expanded to 12 devs, and the composition is the following:

  • 1 producer
  • 1 designer
  • 3 programmers
  • 4 artists
  • 3 sound designers

You can find out more about our awesome members at here!

My Work

  • Summary: My role was a producer, to make legit plans and assess risks in the course of production. I was one of two founders of the team, contributing to the development of core mechanics and story. I also worked closely with our game designer and art director to make attractive and challenging levels. In tech-wise, I prototyped core mechanics and the main character movement and helped other programmers resolve challenging problems.
    • Managed plans, risks, tasks, and human resource.
    • Designed mechanics, systems, and levels.
    • Developed narratives.
    • Prototyped the core ideas.
    • Implemented UI and gameplay.
    • Helped programmers for troubleshooting.

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