Professional Experience

Kindom Under Fire 2

Blueside, 2014

KUF2 is a 3D Action MMORTS game where the player combines the power of hero skills and troops. My main focus in the team was on AI of units and troops, including movement, navigating and pathfinding, and behaviors and control of units and troops.


Choirock Games, 2011

Berkanix is a sci-fi MMORPG that tried a unique character system, a weapon-centered character building. I worked with designers and client programmers to implement systems and contents such as instance dungeon and battlefield on the server side. Unfortunately, the project was dropped by the top-level decision all of sudden.

Student/Team Projects


Digipen Institute of Technology, 2016

Somnus is a 3D puzzle platformer that utilizes perspective illusion as core mechanics. Somnus made to top five of "2016 E3 College Game Competiton Finalist." My main role was the producer, making sure the direction we were going was the initial vision we set and the schedule to be on track. Meanwhile, I worked across a variety of disciplines including programming and design as well.

Personal Project

3D Flocking (In-Progress)

Research Project, 2017

This project implements a 3D flocking behavior that naturally emerges from a set of four simple rules: "Towards Center", "Avoid Others", "Match Velocity", "Match Orientation." I am thinking to add the "Pursue" rule to control desired agents, but the feature is currently on hold for other projects.

Forward and Inverse Kinematics

Research Project, 2017

This project demonstrates my understanding and implementations of forward kinematics and inverse kinematics. The inverse kinematics is implemented using the Cyclic Coordinate-Descent method. The demo is built with my in-house engine using C++.

Simple Rigidbody - Sticks with Spring System

Research Project, 2017

This project implements a simple rigidbody simulation with sticks and spring system. The demo is built with my in-house engine using C++.

Goal-Oriented Action Planning

Research Project, 2016

This project demonstrates my understanding and implementation of Goal-Oriented Action Planning, which is a type of agent-behavior control structure. The demo is built with my in-house engine using C++.

GOO: The God of Organization

Personal Project, 2009

GOO is a casual arcade game that at its core adopts classification and organization as main mechanics. This game was developed in 2009 for iPod 1st generation solely by me, and it gifted me an experience of the entire production cycle of game development and iOS development for the first time.