After Reading “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom

Death will penetrate our life someday. But the day is too far, and we forget the fact. Perhaps, this book is the Morrie and Mitch’s attempt to make us believe the fact and change the ways we see our lives. The book is to be felt rather than understood; it talks to your heart rather […]

After Reading “Invaders” by John Kessel

The short-story “Invaders” has a lot of interesting factors to analyze as a science fiction. Choosing which aspect to look into deeply was a difficult task for me and puzzled me for a long time. I ended up deciding to analyze the analogy and dissimilarity between the Spaniards and the Krel, and how they were […]

After Reading “The Secular City” by Harvey Cox

I was a Christian for more than 20 years since I was given a birth, but the life did not include any logical doubt about it. I was born “in” the world of God, and a special (and illusionary) experience at some point in my life had paralyzed my reasoning on that matter for a […]