Troubleshooting – a bunch of Vulkan compile error when building editor from source code


I wanted to build an Unreal Engine Editor of version 15.2 from source code I downloaded from Git. I followed the instruction in the README file and built UE4 Editor in Visual Studio 2015, but it generated numerous compile errors related to Vulkan; basically, the compiler was not recognizing many Vulkan-related symbols.


First, I installed the latest version of Vulkan SDK from its official homepage, thinking that maybe Vulkan does not come with Unreal Engine 4. However, it didn’t work.
Second, I tried to find a way to disable the entire Vulkan feature because I simply don’t need it. But I thought there should be a better way, and searched again.
Third, I reran Setup.bat and GenerateFiles.bat with administrator authority and rebuilt the project. It worked.


Honestly, I don’t know exactly what fixed the problem because I tried a couple solutions at the same time. I shouldn’t have done it in that way, but compiling UE4 Editor took a too long time to try a single modification. Anyway, my guess is, some batch commands to properly set up the environment for building UE4 Editor may require administrator privilege. Based on the batch command execution log, I guess that something got wrong while installing/setting up project dependency, especially Vulkan SDK, because of the lack of administration authority.

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